Expositions récentes:


Skinner invite Delphine - journées ateliers portes ouvertes - Sète, /Fr


Delphine Jalabert - John Skinner - Créations à 4 mains - atelier 20 Victor Hugo - Sète, /Fr


“Organic” - Gallery 57 – Arundel, GB

Bop Contemporary – London, GB

“Tutors Show” – Atrium Gallery - West Sussex, GB

“Fruiting Bodies” – Atrium Gallery – West Sussex, GB


L’amour prend-il l’eau ? Les journées de L’amour, Histrions, Sète, F


Synchro, La Lucarne, Arradon, F

Natation Synchronisée, tableaux 2010 – 2012 Centre balnéaire Raoul Fonquerne Sète, F

Natation Synchronisée, tableaux et dessins 2010 – 2012 Salle des escaliers de la macaronade Sète, F

Paintings, Emily Ball at Seawhites of Brighton, GB


Premiers Emois, La journée de l'amour, Histrions, Séte / F


C'mon and give us a kiss, Moncrieff-Bray gallery / GB

Technicoloré, Chapel St Hippolyte Loupian, avec Delphine Jalabert / F

Dock Sud gallery, avec Michel Feugere et Tony Gaunt / F


Conversations Française, Foyer de Campagne Poussan / F


Painting Project, Lille / F



Tutors Show – exhibition catalogue - published by Emily ball at Seawhites 2016 – introduction by Jane Nash

Fruiting Bodies – John Skinner exhibition catalogue - published by Emily ball at Seawhites 2016 – introductory texts By Emily Ball and Juliette Mézenc

Drawing and Painting People – a fresh approach – by Emily Ball – published by Crowood Press 2009 dedicated to John Skinner

Switch off the light and let me try on your dress – by Sarah Hudston and John Skinner – published by Agre Press 2002

Red Legs and other paintings by Rose Wylie – exhibition Catalogue - text by John Skinner in conversation with Rose Wylie – published 1998

John Skinner habite et travaille à Séte, France.

John Skinner is an artist and painter from England now based in the south of France.


Brief history:

Born 1953 in Kent.

Studied at Brighton Polytechnic and Goldsmiths College, London.

Taught and exhibited in the North East.

1978 Moved to London, studied with John Epstein, solo shows in London galleries and work in the Hayward Annual British Drawing Exhibition.

1985 Moved to the Midlands, exhibited locally and won awards from local arts boards.

1988 Moved to Dorset

1991 Opened Abbotsbury Studio. Was commissioned by New Look, won a major South West Arts award and exhibited work at the Royal Academy. 

2005 Moved to the South of France with his wife Mary